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Welcome to African Rainbow Craft – your prime destination for unique handcrafted pieces from Africa. Our exclusive online platform brings together the best of two worlds: the rich cultural diversity of Africa and the modern elegance of Europe. Immerse yourself in a world of fascinating discoveries and be enchanted by the diversity and exclusivity of our selection.

Our collection includes accessories for animals, garden decor, home & living, art and sculptures, as well as high-quality leather goods and jewelry – all crafted masterpieces from talented artists in various African communities.

The essence of African Rainbow Craft lies in connecting two continents – Africa and Europe. Our “Contemporary EurAfrican” brand reflects a dynamic, versatile, and globally influenced African context. Our products are more than just decoration; they are a piece of history and tradition crafted by passionate artists.

By purchasing our products, you not only support the artists but also contribute to creating jobs and shaping the future of communities in Africa.

The centerpiece of our logo is inspired by African patterns symbolizing the seed – a mystery, beginning and end at the same time, nothing and everything. Similarly diverse is our selection: from African masks and artworks to unique African jewelry capturing the soul of the continent.

Our MISSION is to offer you high-quality, sustainable, and unique products that not only enhance your home but also pass on the stories and traditions of Africa.

Buying from African Rainbow Craft not only supports artisans but also becomes part of a movement that brings the creative diversity of Africa to the world stage. Discover the magic of Africa in every handcrafted piece at African Rainbow Craft. Afro-European elegance, just a click away.

Our journey through Africa takes us to the remotest villages and bustling cities to find the treasures that make your home unique. Each piece tells a story – from the artistic masks reflecting Africa’s rich cultural history to the handmade leather goods bridging tradition and modernity.

At African Rainbow Craft, it’s not just about acquiring art but immersing yourself in a vibrant culture. Our platform provides artists the opportunity to showcase their works across borders, while you have the chance to bring a piece of Africa into your home.

Our vision goes beyond selling products. We aim to foster appreciation for African art and raise awareness about the talented people behind the works. By buying from us, you not only support the artists but also contribute to preserving and sharing Africa’s creative diversity.

Experience the art, craftsmanship, and warmth of Africa in every detail of our products. Each piece has been carefully selected to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also to create a deeper connection – a connection to the people and communities behind each artwork.

African Rainbow Craft is not just an online shop but a bridge between cultures and people. Through your support, you contribute to realizing the dreams of artists and preserving the cultural diversity of Africa. Explore now the unique treasures that African Rainbow Craft has in store for you.

Our journey through the craftsmanship of Africa leads us to the talented artists who craft each piece with attention to detail and a touch of Africa. From African masks to artistic decorative pieces – each product is a masterpiece reflecting the creativity and uniqueness of the African continent.

Welcome to African Rainbow Craft, where luxury, culture, and uniqueness converge. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of handcrafted pieces from Africa and be inspired by our selection.