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The Journey of Quality Craftmanship.

The pieces of jewelry we chose to be part of the African Rainbow Craft (ARC) collection of products are sourced from the jewelers/artisans of “Mulberry Mongoose”, who were inspired by life in the Zambian bush. The collection combines snare wire collected from anti-poaching patrols with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and hand-carved wooden beads.

So it’s only fair that with every piece of jewelry sold, “Mulberry Mongoose” makes a donation to anti-poaching patrols who help remove the wire snare traps that kill and injure many of Africas iconic wildlife animals. By purchasing our accessories, you help raise thousands of dollars for this vital work to save elephants, big cats and antelope.

And these are the stories African Rainbow Craft (ARC) is seeking for, as we support these ideas and like to see artisans who are upskilling themselves in a sustainable way – it’s part of our ethos.

Snare wire is often made of steel and difficult to work with and these special artisans have learned to wrap and smooth it, turning brutality into beauty. Please watch the two videos below for an impression of the work performed by these ladies in Zambia.

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