Cowrie, Lapis Lazuli & snare necklace


Cowrie, Lapis Lazuli & Snare Necklace

Inspired by the contrasts of the African bush, our Cowrie, Lapis Lazuli & Snare Necklace embodies the hard reality and romance of this beautiful land. Handcrafted by a team in rural Zambia, this necklace features layers of rust-coloured Ethiopian prayer beads, vibrant turquoise, lapis lazuli and hammered poacher’s snares, reflecting the resilience and determination of our extraordinary artisans.

Each piece in our Organic Element collection takes over 7 hours to handcraft, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of our team. By fusing reclaimed poacher’s traps, local materials and international beads, we celebrate and invest in the African bush through creativity.

At 58cm long (adjustable to 100cm), this necklace offers versatility and style. Each piece is handmade and therefore slightly different and unique. Plus, every sale contributes to Zambian conservation efforts, so you can make a positive impact with your purchase.

Celebrate the beauty of Africa while supporting conservation efforts with our Cowrie, Lapis Lazuli & Snare Necklace.

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