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The Journey of Quality Craftmanship.

Our dog collars are made in Kenya by Maasai ladies who use leather as if a canvas and beads as if paint. As passionate dog lovers, we immediately thought these lovely products need to get added to our collection. In the Maasai culture, the beaded creations they wear can tell you something about the person who wears them – age, marital status, social status, special events in their life. The artisans live and work near their homes (which allows them to care for live stock and children) where they gather in small groups to share advice and stories as they bead the leather provided.

Again these are the stories we from African Rainbow Craft (ARC) love to tell as
we seek for artisans and their products throughout Africa who are upskilling themselves in a sustainable way – it’s part of our ethos.

Please watch the two videos below for an impression of the work performed by these ladies in Kenya.