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Explore our curated collection of handcrafted sculptures, including unique stone sculptures, metal animals, and wall art, designed to enhance your garden and outdoor spaces. Each piece tells a story of quality craftsmanship and sustainability, adding a touch of natural elegance to your home. Discover ethically sourced and meticulously crafted garden decor, where imperfection meets beauty, creating an atmosphere of charm and tranquility. Experience the artistry of Africa with our selection of exquisite sculptures, meticulously crafted to bring your outdoor sanctuary to life. Discover the work of Tumwi Robert Sachiti, a master stone sculptor, whose abstract creations breathe life into your garden. Celebrate tradition, artistry, and the natural world with our unique and sustainable garden decor.

Garden Decor - African Rainbow Craft

Stone Sculptures

Immerse yourself in the world of stone sculptures, handcrafted by the talented stone carver Tumwi Robert Sachiti from Zimbabwe. Born in a small village under Chief Makoni, Tumwi Sachiti learned and developed his craft from scratch. His abstract works made from green opal stones, springstone, and white opal stones lend an authentic, artistic touch to your garden. Each piece tells a story and is a testament to Tumwi's passionate dedication to art. As these are handmade products, they may exhibit imperfections, which only enhance their charm and uniqueness.

Animals from Metal/Tin

Our collection of handcrafted metal and tin sculptures bring your garden to life. From majestic elephants to regal lions and proud rhinos - each animal has been intricately designed and crafted over months of labor. These artworks are not only decorative but also a tribute to Africa's rich wildlife. Each piece is unique and is crafted by local African artisans who follow sustainable and ethical production practices. Please note that due to the handmade nature of these products, variations in size and appearance may occur.

Metal/Tin Wall Art

Discover our selection of metal and tin wall art that adds an impressive aesthetic to your garden or entrance area. From intricate patterns to vibrant animal motifs, our handcrafted artworks offer a diverse range of designs to enhance any outdoor space. Each piece has been crafted using traditional methods and bears the signature of talented African artisans. Please note that due to the handmade nature of these products, variations in size and appearance may occur.

At African Rainbow Craft, we believe in quality craftsmanship and advocate for sustainable practices. When necessary, our pieces are repaired using traditional methods to restore their functionality. Dive into the world of garden decor art and be inspired by the beauty and diversity of our handcrafted pieces. Welcome to our journey of quality craftsmanship.